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   Welcome to Tom Antion's Affiliate Program. This is an exciting opportunity to expand your income by providing your customers quality products and services. You can earn as much as 50% by simply recommending Tom. Our affiliate tracking system will follow your customers as they leave your site and through the purchasing process. Each month we send out checks to our affiliates for the sales that they generate.

   Like most opportunities, there are things that you will need to provide to be successful. On your web site you will simply need to place a text endorsement or recommendation for one of Tom's product.  Within the text include a clickable link to Tom's products. We will provide you with the link. Then continue to send qualified traffic to Tom's products and your customers will reward you with income. Tom will take care of back office details such as shipping and billing. We even provide real-time reporting of your current sales.

   Take the steps today to begin sharing Tom's products with your customers. To start, select one of Tom's one of the four choices below. We look forward to working with you and your customers shortly.

Tom Antion
Affiliate Manager


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